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Fitness Class

Working out

Approved to exercise, now what?

Once approved to begin exercising again, it is highly recommend that you first see a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist for an assessment.

The CORE +Floor Postpartum Rehabilitation program is Physiotherapist supervised and covered by most benefit plans. It is the perfect place to begin your movement journey.

The Hot Mama Fitness program is the class for moms who have had the opportunity to rehab postpartum and are looking for a workout and a strong mom community. 

Prefer to workout on your own or with a friend? Personal Training and private small group fitness is available for moms! 

*Babies and toddlers are welcome in the studio during postpartum classes and personal training.

Exercising with Baby
Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Find Your Fit!

Classes & Personal Training

Are you a people person?

Group classes offer the fun of a like minded community! Accountability is key to any long term fitness habit. Knowing you will get to meet up with friends and push through the feat together gives you superpower and keeps you coming back! 

Classes include an array of Fitness and Yoga offerings for all levels of ability. Or try H.I.I.T the Mat for a Fitness/Yoga combo!

Do you prefer to do your own thing?

Personal Training or small private group sessions of 2-4 people are ideal for those looking to focus on their personal goals. You will learn the right moves and receive the trainers full attention on form, intensity and accountability.

Personal Training can include training for moms (children are welcome in the studio). Rehabilitation for those recovering from illness or injury, strength and fitness training, Yoga or a combination. This is your journey.

Something Special

SpecialtyPrograms & Workshops

If you are not looking for a commitment, want to try something a little different or need a time-out keep an eye out for monthly workshops, specialty programs, special guests and mini retreats. 

Yoga Group
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