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"Do it! You won’t regret it!

Even though I didn’t have any symptoms, a friend suggested that I  see a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist; thankfully I did! Andrea was realistic, helpful, and solved issues that I thought were just ‘normal’ after having a baby, (like you shouldn’t have to get up to pee in the night if your child miraculously sleeps through). She suggested I join Pam’s Core+Floor class.


After 6 months of being involved in Hot Mama, I considered it a step back. I thought it would be an ‘easy’ class that would sidetrack my fitness goals. However, I didn’t realize until after, that this was actually my first step forward in recovering from childbirth. Sure I had been getting ‘fit’ in Hot Mama (in the right light I was almost starting to develop triceps definition ), but my body needed Core+Floor.


I learned how to properly move through exercises, I learned how to use all of my muscles while moving, AND I got a great full body work out. I highly recommend Core+Floor! It really is more than just a fitness class; its educational and helps your whole body grow stronger. It should be everyone’s FIRST fitness program after childbirth. Your body will thank you! Mine did!"


- Sarah Cordick

“I have held off writing this testimonial because I don’t feel I can put in to words how much Pam’s classes have impacted my life physically/mentally/emotionally.  Pam has created a strong bond between a wonderful group of people.  I have created many great new friendships (and rekindled some old!) in her group classes.   I feel strong and happy, and for the first time in my life I actually LOOK FORWARD TO FITNESS.


I have been training with Pam for 5 or 6 years (I’ve lost count) and it has been incredibly easy to stay motivated and dedicated as she has put the FUN in fitness.   I’ve never felt so strong and empowered, and I owe this all to Pam (although she would never accept credit for this).  Pam offers a great variety of fitness and yoga classes.  Her classes are suitable for all levels and Pam is always changing things up to keep it exciting.  She is so dedicated to her clients and passionate about her training.  I have watched Pam work incredibly hard to grow her business and I am so happy to see how successful it has become.  She is very deserving and one of my favourite humans to boot.  We have shared so many great laughs and even tears in her classes, as Pam creates a safe place for us to be our authentic and raw selves.  Her classes are perfect for those first starting and also for us old farts who she just can’t shake.


I encourage anyone who is interested in joining to do so.  Pam ensures all feel welcomed and the environment of the studio is always good vibes.   I am so happy to be a part of Pam’s fitness family – words cannot express my gratitude.  To quote the legendary Jane Fonda….Go for the Burn!!“


Amy Rancier


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"Having a child changes everything, including your body and potentially your relationship to it also. Pam's floor + core postpartum fitness classes gave me the space, knowledge and support I needed to start me on my own pelvic floor and core healing after my second child was born.


Pam's classes are simultaneously challenging and laid back. The core + floor class gave me the ability to get moving again, feel strong, energize my week, and feel part of a community while also contributing to better mental health. Pam's also a mom, so if it's happening to you, she's probably been there. If I had to sum up the core + floor class in two words, they would be empowering and accessible. Thanks Pam! "

-Julie Willbond

"I've been doing HIIT the Mat for the summer and find myself looking forward to the class each week. It is the perfect combination of a workout and yoga. You don't have to pick one or the other you get the benefits of both.


I had never done Yoga before and so this was my first introduction into it and Pam makes it easy to learn where you feel confident and comfortable with everything she is showing you. Pam also takes into account different skill levels so even if you have been doing yoga for years she can adapt her approach to all skill levels.


The class is easy-going and fun but Pam also pushes you to go further and reach your fitness goals. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. This is the second program I've done with Pam (the first being Hot Mama fitness) and she is THE BEST instructor. She makes it fun, entertaining,  easy-going while ensuring your get the most bang for your buck and grow and develop! Can't say enough good things!"


-Jesse Moynihan-Morton

" I look forward to this program all week - it’s a group of women that work hard but love to laugh and complain while pouring with sweat.


The combo of HIIT with the strengthening yoga and then the stretching yoga is a really effective workout that leaves me in a positive and calm happy state. " 

- Tracy Smith 

"This class is absolutely fantastic! I attended after I had my second daughter and had so much success I had to return after my third! Pam has a way of providing a vigorous workout while keeping it fun and also providing the support and guidance that moms need.


Pam provides a wonderful environment where we can bring our babies, even on their cranky days, and feel nothing but support and understanding from other moms while we all work on fitness. I highly recommend this class to all moms." 

-Mandy Ormsby

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