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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Why the Root ?

Considering most people think my last name is Cupcake (Cupak pronounced Q-pack) … I was looking for something (else) that encompassed the array of movement modalities I draw from for my programing.

Since acquiring a certification in Personal Training with CAN FIT PRO in 2009 I have been on quite the journey. (See trainings if you are interested)

Through all of my training, education and experience, one thing has always proven true:


It’s best to start at the root; to explore blind spots and imbalances along with strengths and abilities and from there to build a strong and balanced foundation.


This is an individual process that can be humbling, but when mindful effort, time and focus are put in to discovering who we are now, we are prepared to become the better, stronger and happier version of ourselves.

During my yoga studies I explored the notion of Chakras. Simply put, Chakras are energy points in the body that are said to affect emotional and physical well-being. 


The Root Chakra (Muladhara) is the first of seven. Just like a tree the root chakra is what grounds us to the earth, creating the foundation on which you build your life, the starting point for development. The Root Chakra is associated with the physical body, Interconnection (community) and is said to be the centre for emotional and spiritual balance. Seems fitting.

My intention is for The Root studio to be a place of connection, strong community, and improved physical and mental strength.

See you in the studio.

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