Weekly classes are available in 7 week sessions.

Thursday PM ZEN & Sunday Vibes are booked individually.



Yin Yoga is ideal for those looking to slow down and dig deep into their practice. Longer pauses in poses (1-3 minutes) allow for ligaments, tendons and fascia to release slowly, while working to calm the mind through focus on the breath and mindful response to tension. Welcoming to all levels.

Tuesdays @10:45am

This class is offered in a 2 month session.

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Child's Pose


A monthly gathering to lengthen, release and chill. Yin & Restorative Yoga styles will relax physical tension while mindful breathing slows the mind and eases the soul.
Thursday @ 6:45pm

Yoga Pose Looking Up

HOT Yoga

A Hot Practice in a warm room!
Welcome to those with some familiarity of Yoga. This class will bring heat to the body through a flowing practice of strength and stretch. The room will be warm to allow for detoxification and pliability of muscles and connective tissue.

Saturday April 9th 9:30-10:45am


ALL BALLS - Release workshop

Release tight muscles and reduce pain using various sizes of massage balls. 
Thursday @ 6:45pm

Yoga with Props

Sunday Vibes

One Sunday per month we will meet in bliss. This practice will include community, flow, meditation, and restorative practice. All warm, welcoming and easy like Sunday morning.

Sunday @ 9:30am